20170612_020226This is the beginning. Hopefully, this is the lowest point in this journey, although, I’m sure the next 1,238 days….3 years, 4 months and 20 days until my 50th birthday.

I’m still researching times and dates for this adventure. I’d love to be on the trip for my birthday, but, that’s winter in the Grand Canyon and the North Rim closes two weeks before my birthday.

This blog will document my personal journey to fitness for the challenge, and the journey itself. This will include the equipment I’ll be using and all trials and errors. It will include victories and losses and what works and what doesn’t. Please remember, these are my personal views and what works for me with my physical challenges and limitations due to an immune system that betrays me daily.

Pictures will be included. Links to materials, equipment, meal plans and workouts will be included, too.

If you find you want to join me in this challenge, I welcome you. Just know, I’m not a medical expert. I’m not a Grand Canyon expert. I’m a woman on a mission.