In true superhero fashion, I’m Wonder Woman, after all… I took a tumble yesterday, in complete slow motion! My husband witnessed this. He tried to catch me, stop me, break my fall, but, I was falling so slowly, he didn’t know what to do!!! Somehow, even falling in slow motion, I managed to hurt both knees, my left ankle, my left wrist, my right shoulder, my right elbow, my neck and the right side of my head!!

This does not have me off to a good start. 😞

Physical therapy will surely have something to say about this!! At the very least, they’ll get me on the road to recovery…. Or, refer me back to ortho… 😕


In other news… happy birthday to my partner in crime, best friend, confidante, soul mate, spider killer… my in sickness and health, which he has definitely proven; my for richer and poorer, which we’ve been through both… the latter much more; my in good times and bad, the sick and poor times are much better with him by my side…

I could go on and on and on…

Happy birthday to the love of my life, Jeff. I can’t imagine going through this life, or facing this mega – adventure without you! I love you!!