So…. my list is growing….

If I’m going to dedicate this much time, effort, sweat, tears and fear into doing the Rim To Rim of the Grand Canyon, why do only one major, physically arduous challenge??

I’m not going to let this “go to waste” by only doing one thing. I’ve decided to add to my bucket list. I suspect this list will grow as I do more research. Right now, all of my goals are in the continuous forty-eight. That could change, too.

So far, I have added Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park in Utah. 1200x600

It isn’t near the challenge of the Grand Canyon, but, seeing and physically conquering it in person is worthy of a spot on my Bucket List.

I have also added backpacking through Yosemite National Park in California and climbing Half Dome. images

I, obviously, have a lot of research to do for these two trips. I know the physical preparation is different. I also need to figure out when these trips would happen. Would these be pre-R2R challenges?

We’ll see how these fall into the big picture as I learn more and hash out logistics.

In the meantime, physical therapy continues to be brutal. Just when I thought I was really improving, they took a rolling pin to my IT band and hobbled me for a few days. I just want my knee to be stable. That’s the goal. I need to be able to trust that the muscles and connective tissues are going to be strong enough to keep my knee stable. The good news is that I am experiencing increased strength and flexibility. I’m only a month into this. That’s very encouraging!

I’m getting closer and closer to being able to start the conditioning of the rest of my body. Additional goals include dropping 60 pounds of body fat and gaining lean muscle mass, strength and flexibility overall.

Baby steps…. this is a long term goal so it must be done right. When I reach my physical goal, I want to maintain it…. indefinitely.